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    The Sacred Heart ACTS mission is to help our brothers and sisters enter into a new or deeper relationship with our Lord and fellow parishioners. We do this by sponsoring and facilitating retreat weekends that foster and encourage these relationships. This is accomplished through Adoration and daily prayer, the call to Community in one's parish as a member of the Body of Christ, Theology in encouraging the study of scripture and our Catholic Faith and in Service to our Lord, our parish, one another and the community in which we live.

    Christians’ of all faiths are welcome to attend.  

    This retreat is NOT intended to convert Christian's to becoming Catholic. It's lead by lay Catholic Men and Women to help people of all faiths develop a deeper relationship with God and his son Jesus.

    The retreat center is located near Wasilla, Alaska.

    The women's retreat is now scheduled for the April 11 - 14, 2024.  The men's retreat will be in the fall of 2024.

    For more information, please contact the retreat director or any of the Core Team members, whose contact information is found in the side bar.    

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    The core team has open positions (see side panel).  If you have served on a previous ACTS Retreat Team and are interested in serving on the core team, please contact Ed Van Krevelen.   

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    Core Team Members 

    Ed Van Krevelen (temp)
    [email protected]
    <<  Open - Seeking Replacement >>

    <<  Open  >>

    Financial Coordinator
    Bobbie Ackley 
    <<  Open - Seeking Replacement  >>

    Communications Coordinator
    Ed Van Krevelen
    [email protected]
    (907) 232-3555
    <<  Open - Seeking Replacement  >>

    Core Team Members At-Large

    Retreat Support Coordinator   
    Priscilla Belanger

    Supply Coordinator
    Sherie Olson

    Spiritual Coordinator
    John Klapperich
    [email protected]
    (907) 355-9970
    <<  Open - Seeking Replacement  >>

    Music Coordinator
    Annette Durbin
    [email protected]
    (907) 982-6300

    Events Coordinator 
    Linda Giani

    Parish Liaison
    Deacon Scott Gunnell

    Director, Men’s Retreat
    Thomas Van Krevelen
    [email protected]

    Director, Women’s Retreat
    Shawna Dziedziak
    [email protected]